Southend On Sea

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Project Summary

CC Ground Investigations Limited were engaged as part of the team delivering ground investigation data to investigate slope instability at Southend-on-Sea. Concept Engineering Consultants Ltd engaged CCGI to carryout multiple Geobor S wireline and cable percussion boreholes to investigate the ongoing cliff instability.

Project Details

Fifty-six exploratory hole locations were carried out using two CCGI Fraste multi-purpose rotary drilling rigs and one cable percussion rig.

Using Geobor S wireline systems in soils and weak rocks produces high quality samples. Using this system the core barrel can be rapidly placed in the borehole and withdrawn without the drill rods needing to be removed to recover each individual core sample. The only time the drill rods are removed is on completion of the borehole or maintenance, meaning that boreholes can be drilled quickly.

The program of works included:

  • CCGI providing sub-contract drilling services
  • 43 No. Geobor S rotary boreholes using Fraste multipurpose rigs.
  • 13 No Cable Percussion boreholes.
  • In-situ testing including SPTs
  • 22 No inclinometers installed
  • 26 No Vibrating wire piezometers installed
  • 5 No Groundwater monitoring standpipes installed.
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