Network Rail Infrastructure

Project Summary

Ground investigations works were undertaken as part of the Northern Hub scheme which is a programme of targeted upgrades to the railway in the North of England. The sites were located between Liverpool and Sheffield and were completed between March and October 2012. The purpose of this investigation was to assess the ground conditions likely to be encountered during the installation of new platforms and assess the trackbed conditions for slewing and relaying of new and existing railway lines.

Project Details

  • Ground investigation work was undertaken by our own PTS trained staff during weekdays and weekends, involving both day and night time possession working.
  • Nine boreholes were drilled to a maximum 20 m depth with multi-purpose rigs using percussive sampling and rotary coring techniques. Geotechnical in-situ testing and sampling included SPT’s, U70’s and UT100’s.
  • Fifty-three boreholes were drilled using our Terrier rigs and handheld window sampling equipment. In-situ testing in the Terrier boreholes comprised SPT’s and super heavy dynamic probing (DPSH). A Geo tool was also used for heavy dynamic probing (DPH)
  • Sixty-six track bed inspection (TBI) pits were excavated by hand in the four foot, between sleepers of the existing lines. Bulk samples were taken of the ballast and the underlying formation materials. Most locations were extended with a TRL DCP test to 2m depth.
  • Nine full-scale soakaway tests (in accordance with BRE 365) were undertaken in machine dug trial pits. These pits and tests were all undertaken during night possessions.
  • Eight horizontal rotary cores were drilled through bridges and underpasses to determine structure thickness.
  • Sitework was supervised by PTS qualified engineering geologists from CC Ground Investigations. A range of geotechnical laboratory tests was undertaken. Environmental samples were tested for a range of chemicals, including Network Rail contamination suites.

Client Comments

“Many thanks to CCGI and your crews over the weekend. Despite a few niggly “rail” type issues it all went to plan. Your lads are a credit to your company. Hopefully we can work together again in the future.”

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