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View of drilling rig on road

Project Summary

CC Ground Investigations Ltd were engaged as Principal Contractor to carry out a site investigation within the road and adjacent third-party land. The road is currently closed to traffic due to ground movement affecting the carriageway.

The purpose of the contract was to establish ground and groundwater conditions at the site, characterise the ground movements affecting the carriageway, and to install monitoring equipment to measure any ground movements and to assist with the design of future remediation of the slope.

Project Details

A Fraste multi-purpose drilling rig was used on the road to obtain cores of the underlying rock, and a Modular Terrier drilling rig was used for investigation on the slope within an orchard.

The boreholes on the road were installed with 70mm diameter inclinometer pipe, and the modular boreholes installed with slip indicators.

All works were supervised on a full-time basis by suitably qualified in-house Engineering Geologists.

Geotechnical logging was carried out to BS5930: 2015+A1:2020, BS EN ISO 14688 [Parts 1 and 2] and BS EN ISO 14689 with detailed discontinuity spacing records and particular care to record any zones of weakness/possible zones of movement.

The program of works included:

  • GPR service tracing
  • 2 No service slit trenches
  • 4 No Multipurpose combined dynamic sampling and rotary coring boreholes
  • 7 No Windowless Modular dynamic sampling boreholes
  • 1 No 50mm ground water monitoring standpipe
  • 3 No Inclinometer instruments
  • 6 No slip indicators
  • In-situ testing including SPTs and hand shear vanes
  • Geotechnical and geo-environmental laboratory testing
  • Factual reporting
Download our Factsheet
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