Landslide Investigation at Hinksey Hill

Project Summary

Hinksey Hill is a road supported on an embankment to the west of Oxford. The embankment has suffered a catastrophic rotational slip failure resulting in a large twenty-metre “crescent moon” shaped scar through the eastern side of the road. CCGI completed a ground investigation to aid the design of repair and remediation works.

Project Details

Brief description of works

  • Ten boreholes were drilled through the carriageway of the road using a Terrier rig. Boreholes were drilled to between 4m and 8m depth with geotechnical testing (SPT) and undisturbed sampling (U70).
  • Standpipe piezometers and 70mmOD inclinometer access tubing were installed in the boreholes.
  • Two strings of drill casing were utilised to support the boreholes.
  • Numerous handheld window sample holes and hand-dug trial pits were completed on the slope of the embankment. The trial pits were extended by lightweight dynamic probing (DPL).
  • A ground-penetrating radar (GPR) survey was undertaken to locate buried services in the carriageway and edge of the embankment.
  • The investigation works were fully supervised by an engineering geologist from CC Ground Investigations and all exploratory holes were logged on site. Geotechnical laboratory testing was undertaken and a factual report was provided.

Client Comments

“Regardless of the scale or complexity of the project, CCGI always approach the works positively, enthusiastically and very professionally. Their industry knowledge is excellent and they have always been willing to go the extra mile, even offering inventive solutions to some of the problems faced during project works. I would welcome the opportunity of working with the team at CCGI again in the future.”

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