BDA AccreditedDrillers

CC Ground Investigations are delighted to announce that four of our lead drillers, Brett Reeves, Harry Glover, Jefferson Fennell and Terry Hemmings and one drilling support operative, Andy Davies, have passed their recent British Drilling Association (BDA) Audits.

So what does this mean? The BDA Audit satisfies key legislation and guidance in the ground investigation industry to comply with British Standards (BS 22475 Part 2 and 3), the UK Specification for Ground investigation and Construction Design and Management Regulations (CDM), where proof is needed for the ongoing competence of drilling operatives.

The BDA Audits are carried out by experienced assessors from the drilling industry and the auditors conduct the audit against specific criteria including the latest and current Standards, Guidance, Legislation and Regulations that apply to land drilling works in the UK, along with established industry good practice.

The drive behind the audits is to raise standards within the industry and to deliver the BDA’s aims and objectives including:

  • Improve health and safety, efficiency and standards in the industry.
  • Promote and support the training and education of all personnel in the land drilling industry including drilling operatives, supervisors, apprentices and engineers.
  • Promote and support the establishment of new and relevant standards
  • Establish and improve Codes of Practice
  • Share information
  • Collaboration
  • Promote the drilling industry
  • Promote BDA members and audited drillers as the best industry standard

The site based audit examines the drillers knowledge of a wide range of related subjects applicable to keeping them, their colleagues, and members of the public safe. This includes:

  • Reports of Thorough Examinations (RTEs) – LOLER to you and me!
  • Guarding
  • The daily report
  • Sample labelling
  • SPT compliance

This of course doesn’t guarantee a perfect project every time, but it does ensure that the operations will be carried out in a safe manner, with trained and experienced operatives, who can provide your project with quality data.