Terrier Drilling Rigs


  • The Terrier rig is mounted on rubber tracks and once on site the rig is quickly and easily set up at borehole positions.
  • All rigs are fitted with an emergency stop system. Diesel engines have spark arrestors and permanently fitted chalwyn valves.
  • Windowless sampling barrels between 116 and 66mm diameter contain plastic liners to retain soil samples.
  • Standard penetration testing (SPT) and undisturbed sampling (U70) can be undertaken.
  • Monitoring wells and instrumentation up to 70mmOD can be installed in the boreholes on completion of drilling.
  • The two piece drop hammer also allows for heavy and super heavy dynamic probing.
  • TerrierOur Terrier rigs come equipped with a hydraulic rotary coring head which is suitable for coring hardstanding.
  • The mast assembly can be detached from the rig for remote operation in restricted access locations.
  • The Terrier rig is capable of tracking over slopes and setting up on slopes of up to 30 degrees.