Multi-purpose Drilling Rigs

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      Our Fraste and Comacchio multi-purpose drilling rigs are ideal for geotechnical and geo-environmental site investigations. The rigs are capable of drilling boreholes up to 100m in depth with insitu calibrated standard penetration testing (SPT) and undisturbed sampling (U70, U100 and UT100). Class 1 samples (EN ISO 22475-1) can be prepared from core by an onsite engineering geologist.


      We can also core up to 300mm diameter through hard surfacing to allow a starter pit to be safely hand excavated ahead of the borehole.


      For drilling in soils, the Fraste and Comacchio rigs use a dynamic sampling technique and produce high quality fully lined samples.


      The rigs also have a top drive rotary head for coring rock and solid strata using water, air or polymer flush, as required.


      Down the hole hammer (DTHH), tri-cone rock roller and drag bits can be employed for rotary open hole drilling using air or water flush.


      Temporary steel drilling casing can be used to support the boreholes while drilling and allowing clean drilling techniques.


      The rotary head can be operated in a low speed, high torque, gear to allow hollow, or solid stem, augering up to 300mm in diameter. Percussive soil sampling can be undertaken in advance of the auger to obtain lined soil samples.


      Boreholes can be completed with monitoring wells and instrumentation including inclinometers, vibrating wire piezometers, pneumatic piezometers and extensometers. Monitoring and remediation wells to 150mm diameter can also be installed.


      All rigs and operations are compliant with current HSE legislation. Rigs are fitted with a safety cage equipped with automatic brake and emergency stop system. Diesel engines have particle filters, spark arrestors and permanently fitted chalwyn valves.


      All of our multi-purpose rigs are mounted on rubber tracks and fully supported with ancillary equipment and vehicles.