Modular Dynamic Sampling Rig

  • The LMSR-H Modular Dynamic Sampling and Probing rig provides the perfect solution for drilling at limited access sites such as railways, basements, crest and foot of slopes, buildings and areas of weight/height restriction
  • The rig is completely modular where all rig parts and power supply can be carried and assembled at a borehole position
  • Suitable for drilling and probing made ground and superficial deposits
  • Using dynamic sampling techniques our modular rig can drill to around 8.0m depth (ground conditions dependant) and undertake SPT/CPT/U70 in-situ testing and sampling
  • This rig can also undertake DPH and DPSH probing to 10.0m depth
  • The rig is fully guarded and PUWER and LOLER compliant
  • The rig travels in a 3.5 tonne panel van with a two or three person (site dependant), fully trained drill crew.