R11 joins the CCGI fleet

R11, a Fraste PL.G multi-purpose rotary drilling rig, is the latest addition to the CCGI rotary drilling fleet.  This takes us to four Fraste PL.Gs out of a fleet of nine rotary rigs which demonstrates how highly CCGI regard these rigs.

“We took delivery of the first PL.G that came into the country at the end of 2014.” said CCGI Drilling Manager Jim Constantine.  “Since then we have worked closely with MGS, the UK Fraste distributor, to develop a rig ideally suited to the wide range of ground conditions found here in the UK.”

“These rigs offer the perfect combination of size, power, capability and robustness to fulfil our client’s requirement.”

The Fraste PL.G can dynamic sample, rotary core, auger and open hole to depths up to 100m and carry out a wide range of the in-situ testing.  For further rig details check out Rig Specifications.