CC Ground Investigations have recently successfully completed a large ground investigation around the town centre parks of the Berkshire town of Wokingham.  Acting as Principal Contractor, CCGI carried out the work on behalf of the local borough council, under the instruction of the Consulting Engineers AECOM Infrastructure and Environment.

CCGI Geotechnical Engineer and project manager Kelly Spear takes up the story. “The contract was complex due to the range of locations and logistics required.  The sites were spread throughout Greenfield and Brownfield areas right in the busy heart of Wokingham.  Most of the areas were parks and fully open to public access so it was vital that the enabling works were robust to prepare and segregate areas before drilling rigs and machines arrived.”

“This included full Heras fencing of entire sections of parkland, large-scale ground guarding to protect grassed areas, turf removal and re-establishment, as well as some fence and shrub removal to create access and egress points.  All were re-instated upon completion of the work.”

“This was especially important as the park is used for several community events and festivals over the summer period, with one scheduled to happen shortly after the investigations were completed. CCGI worked closely with the Council to come up with a phasing plan which made sure the right areas were available when needed”.

The ground investigation itself included ground penetrating radar and service clearance of all sites to check for services, dynamic sampled boreholes, 245m metres of rotary drilling utilising up to three rigs onsite at any one time, archaeological trenching, trial pitting and gravel replacement soakaways.

There were up to thirteen CCGI staff onsite at any one time and the work took four weeks to complete onsite and a full factual report completed the contract.