New Lightweight Terrier

CCGI have just taken delivery of a brand new ‘lightweight’ Dando Terrier dynamic sampling rig.  By replacing steel with aluminium in the rig chassis, Dando have managed to shed 160kg off the weight of the rig thus making the rig easier to load and unload, and more nimble across the ground without losing any of the robustness and reliability these rigs are known for.  This rig also includes a few new innovations such as an SPT counter and a new controls position yet maintains all the original capabilities to the core, sample, DPSH & DPH probe.

The rig (T06) is now in the very capable hands of Lead Terrier Driller, Andrew Leek.  It is his new favourite thing so don’t be surprised to see him polishing it at the end of your job before he brings it back to the yard.

R06 side profile