Goodbye old girl

This week CCGI said goodbye to R01. 

R01 was our first rotary rig (No prizes for guessing the call sign for our second rotary rig onwards…we like to keep things simple), purchased after four years of trading when the company totalled just nine employees.  Now 11 years later we have 50 members of staff, some of whom have cut their teeth under R01’s watchful guidance, most notably Rotary Lead Drillers Dave Higgs, who celebrated 10 years with company last year, and latterly Shaun King.

We think she has aged gracefully after over a decade of hard work across the length and breadth of the UK with occasional forays into Europe.  The photos show R01 when she was delivered, being commissioned on her first borehole at Harbury Cutting on July 15 2005 and finally loaded on her way to pastures new.