Distant Travels

CCGI’s Operations Manager, Rupert Garner, is heading off on sabbatical this week and won’t return until the end of May.  It’s not paternity but it will include babies, water, boats…and probably sunburn.  He picks up the story.

“My better half Laura is a doctor.  Over the last two years Laura has been periodically heading off for months on end to amazing destinations such as Tanzania and Iceland as part of the medical support for charity run expeditions.” explains Rupert.

“The latest trip has been to the Bocas Del Toro province of Panama, Central America where she is already working as one of the doctors working for an amazing charity called Floating Doctors.  When the chance to join her as a non-medical volunteer presented itself it was to good an opportunity not to explore and I’m very lucky that CCGI have agreed to let me take the time off to catch up with her for the last part of her trip.

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A really big thank you to everyone especially those covering some of the work I have left behind.  Given my limited medical skill set (Emergency First Aid at Work) I have a feeling I am going to be mainly carrying equipment and repairing things.”

As their name suggest Floating Doctors are a charity that often reaches remote communities by boat.  Their mission is simple… “reduce the present and future burden of disease in the developing world, and to promote improvements in health care delivery worldwide.”  In Panama this is achieved with trips out to the most isolated island communities where that can offer free acute and preventative health care services and deliver donated medical supplies to isolated areas.  They also aim to reduce child and maternal mortality through food safety/prenatal education, nutritional counseling and clean water solutions.

For more information please take a look at: www.floatingdoctors.com