Data Management and IT at CCGI

Many of you in the GI industry will already know Wendy Jones and CCGI are delighted to introduce her here as our new Data and IT Manager. Wendy joined us in January 2020 and now that she has settled into the role, we thought that would find out a little more with a question and answer session. So Wendy…..:

What were your early experiences in the industry?

After graduating with a BSc in Geology and Physical Geography from the University of Gloucester I started work as a laboratory technician later becoming a site-based engineering geologist working on sites through out the UK.

What did you enjoy during your time as a site-based engineering geologist?

All aspects really, but the varied geology, site management and team working were particularly satisfying.  One project is very memorable where we were working on a major investigation in Shropshire.  The site was of major archaeological interest including being a medieval hospital and required close liaison with the archaeology team as well as gathering geotechnical and geo-environmental data from trenches and shallow and deep boreholes.

How did you become involved in IT and data management?

Many years ago, I was asked to assist in an internal project to facilitate a platform to integrate laboratory and engineering data into a single data capture system. My background in both laboratory testing and engineering geology was ideal for this. I also introduced AGS data to the company. It was AGS 3.0 then, we are now on AGS 4.04!

What are your current development plans at CCGI?

We are making big moves in the quest for enabling our drillers and engineers to gather data digitally in the field. The aim is to speed up the data processing by removing the use of the hand-written paper drillers and engineers reports and the double handling of this data.

What do you see as the future innovations in IT for the GI industry?

Shared data management Cloud based systems where the information belongs to the project in a shared format. I would also hope that data capture using a digital format becomes the norm.