Creating the ‘Ground Rules’

One of the biggest challenges faced by the site investigation industry is how contractors can differentiate themselves from their competition within an increasingly commoditised market. At CC Ground Investigations Ltd (CCGI) we recognise the role our field staff play in delivering successful projects, not only in delivering successful projects, but winning repeat business though collaborative working.

Early in 2018, CCGI staff were brought together with representatives from key clients to take part in a collaboration workshop held at the Kingsholm Stadium, the home of Gloucester Rugby Club. The aim of the day was for our field staff to develop an understanding of who the stakeholders are that are affected by our works, how we affect or influence our stakeholders, consider the consequences of our performance and understand how we communicate and manage stakeholder expectation.  This was delivered through a series of presentations and interactive group sessions, with plenty of light-hearted banter.

The day culminated in staff developing their own take on what can be done to build trust, foster relationships, and ensure good communication. These thoughts and ideas were developed into nine bullet points which now form the ‘CC Ground Investigations Ltd Ground Rules’.

CCGI Ground Rules

  • Be prepared

Make sure you are organised and understand the requirements of the work. Ensure you are competent, check your equipment regularly and make sure it is fit for purpose.

  • On time every time

Manage your time keeping effectively and be reliable. Always aim to be on time, but if you are late let the client know.

  • Dress for success

First impressions are very important. Be proud of your presentation and appearance and make sure you are wearing your PPE.

  • Follow site rules

Follow the site rules and be aware of rules on eating, drinking, smoking and using mobile phones. Ask your supervisor if you are unsure.

  • Have the right attitude

Have a positive attitude and try to give that extra 10%. Always have our client’s expectations and goals in mind.  Honesty and a can-do attitude is essential, so lead by example.

  • Work together as a team

Working well together and being accountable for each other builds trust and good relationships. Remember, CCGI and our clients are on the same team; we succeed or fail together.

  • Respect and tolerate each other

Everyone is different. People have different levels of experience, maturity, skill, confidence and ability.  Being tolerant and making allowances helps you treat others the way you would like to be treated yourself.

  • Use effective communication

Be constructive, positive and clear when talking with each other. Make sure all team members listen to what is being said and understand what is required.

  • Stop and take 5!

Work to your RAMS. If you are ever unsure or concerned then stop and take 5 minutes to think and discuss.  Never ignore the warning signs and don’t be afraid to challenge if something doesn’t look right.  We all want to go home safe.