CCGI Down Day 2015

As part of our on-going commitment to improving the health, safety, training and conduct of our staff and providing the best possible service to our clients, CCGI run an annual ‘Down Day.  This is where all staff return to our headquarters in Gloucester for a day of training, team building….and a healthy chunk of fun.

“This year’s Down Day was designed to be very interactive and split all the Drillers, Engineers, and even some invited clients, into small mixed groups” explained CCGI Director Rob Clarke.

Each group rotated around six different stations that focussed on a specific topic.  This year concentrated heavily on site performance and activities including Site Conduct, Environmental Awareness, SPT Hammer Handling and Servicing, Site Paperwork and Communications, Time and Site Management, and CCGI’s ‘Stop and Take Five’ ethos.

“It is clearly a big commitment to down tools and get all staff back to Gloucester,” continued Rob.

“We always schedule the down day well in advance to allow all parties to plan work around the day and the response from clients has always been positive.  They appreciate that the long term benefits of the day outweigh any disruption. This year was particularly pleasing as the interactive sessions generated some excellent conversations and feedback.”

The remainder of the day was spent enjoying clay pigeon shooting at Chessgrove Shooting School in Longhope.