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A ground investigation was required for the Phase 1 of a new link road south of Princes Risborough as part of the town’s development plans. The link road was required to help take traffic off the main A4010, provide a tree planted avenue with pedestrian and cycle paths, and provide local road improvements, including a new rail bridge.

Historically the site and surrounding area has generally been used for agriculture to the east of Princes Risborough with the Great Western Railway present to the west. By the 1970s a number of factories including chemical works occupied the central-southern part of the Site. By 2017 the former factory buildings were demolished and this part of the site was used as a storage area for demolition materials.

All exploratory holes within in the immediate vicinity of the carriageway were carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Code of Practice Third Edition (England) April 2010 New Roads and Street Works Act (NRSWA) 1991 Specification for the Reinstatement of Openings in Highways

Brief description of works

The works were carried out using in-house drilling rigs including one of our multi-purpose Fraste rigs, a dynamic sampling Terrier Rig, and a JCB 3CX.  All works were supervised on a full-time basis by suitably qualified Engineering Geologists, with logging carried out to BS5930: 2015+A1:2020 and BS EN ISO 14688 [Parts 1 and 2], BS EN ISO 14689:2017 and CIRIA C574: (2002).

  • Project and site management, traffic management
  • 5 No Multipurpose combined dynamic sampling and rotary coring boreholes
  • 3 No Dynamic sampling boreholes
  • Variable head permeability tests.
  • 4 No machine excavated trial pits and 1 No trial trench to 5m to expose the near surface geology.
  • 1 No BRE 365 Soakaway test
  • 19mm standpipe piezometers
  • Insitu testing including SPTs, hand shear vanes and PID
  • 7 No dynamic cone penetration (TRL-DCP) tests
  • Geotechnical and geoenvironmental laboratory testing
  • Long term groundwater monitoring and sampling
  • Factual reporting
  • AGS 4.0 digital data

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