Ground investigation work was undertaken on a large gasworks site in East London. Two shell & auger rigs and two multi-purpose rotary rigs were used to drill boreholes to a maximum depth of 60m. The boreholes locally penetrated the full geological sequence of made ground, Alluvium, Terrace Gravels, London Clay, Lambeth Group, Thanet Sand and Chalk.

Brief description of works

  • Twenty one boreholes to between 10m and 30m depth were drilled by multi-purpose rotary rigs using percussive sampling techniques.
  • Eleven cable percussive boreholes to between 20m and 52m depth. Boreholes drilled using 300mm, 250mm, 200mm and 150mm diameter casing and tools.
  • Five shell & auger boreholes extended by rotary follow on to a maximum depth of 60m in the chalk by multi-purpose rotary rigs using percussive sampling and water flush rotary coring techniques.
  • Boreholes installed with 63mmOD water monitoring wells up to 60m in depth.
  • Contract value > £200,000.
  • 780m of drilling completed.

Client Comments

GasWorks1“Overall a very good service.”

“The drillers from CCGI were all excellent! They took the lead on site and acted as a foreman in addition to drilling. I think the job ran smoothly because someone on site from CCGI took charge. All the drillers worked hard in difficult conditions.”

“The shell & auger drillers and the Dando 3000 made light work of the deep 50m boreholes. The drillers were excellent.”

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