CC Ground Investigations Limited (CCGI) were appointed by Highways England to undertake a ground investigation under the technical direction of Kier Group Plc, to provide information to support the detailed design of thirty nine MS4 traffic signs, seventy two radars with new cabling, and thirty one cross carriageway ducts and associated communication boxes between junctions 23 (Bridgwater) and 25 (Taunton) of the M5 in Somerset as part of new Driver Information and Queue Protection Schemes.

Brief description of works

The ground investigation included forty-five boreholes to depths of up to 30m and over thirty-five window samples of depths up to 5m with corresponding Super Heavy Dynamic Probes. The works were carried out within lane one closure traffic management during night-time shifts. CCGI’s role included providing a detailed programme ahead of the intrusive investigation and liaising with the Principal Contractor and others throughout a complex rolling programme of works. Digital data was required during the fieldwork on a daily basis to meet the Clients programme. Post fieldwork activities included monitoring of groundwater observation wells including development and sampling.

Fieldwork activities were carefully programmed to ensure continued progression of the works within limited traffic management sections. The works were carried out using in-house drilling rigs with supporting ancillary vehicles providing water support and welfare facilities. All works were supervised on a full-time basis by suitably qualified Engineering Geologists, with logging carried out to BS5930:2015. Engineer’s logs and AGS data were issued to the Engineer during the fieldwork period, to allow laboratory testing to be scheduled. Both environmental and geotechnical laboratory testing was undertaken at UKAS and MCERTS accredited facilities. The results of the investigation were presented as factual report in PDF and AGS data.

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